Are your healthy snacks hiding too much salt?

Are your healthy snacks hiding too much salt?

Regular runners know the benefits of including sodium in their diets. When running on warm days or for extended periods (think an hour or more), it’s easy to have your electrolytes fall out of balance. Of course, you can also have too much of a good thing. Watch out for these high sodium snacks and make sure to save them for training days. 


Soy sauce 


This dark and salty sauce is the perfect accompaniment to a stir-fry or sushi tray. It also packs a serious punch with up to 500mg of sodium per squeeze pack. Use it as a condiment rather than a sauce base to reduce your intake. 


Frozen vegetables 


Frozen vegetables are a convenient addition to breakfast omelettes and many weeknight dinners, but not something you would instantly think of as high sodium snacks . On their own they are healthful and delicious. The trick is to avoid the pre-packaged sauces that can be included in the packets. They are often high in sodium. Ditch the add-ons and make your own sauce. 


Canned salmon 


Canned salmon is a nutritional powerhouse, but it can also be a high sodium snack choice. Look out for lower sodium brands, eat less of it or even rinse the salmon before eating to reduce your intake. 


Canned beans 


High fibre beans are fantastic for the diet, and canned varieties are more convenient than dried. Many canned beans use salt as the preservative. Look out for no added salt options or rinse the beans well before adding them to your dish. 


Chicken broth 


Thinking about a winter soup? Watch out for commercial stocks and broths. They are commonly made with high sodium levels to enhance flavours. Make your own stock, reduce the amount you use or look for reduced sodium options. Canned and pre-made soups can also have high sodium levels so read the labels carefully. 


Cottage cheese 


Cottage cheese is a valuable contributor to your calcium and protein requirements, but be wary of higher sodium content, too. You can use it as a condiment rather than a meal base or ensure your other meal ingredients have low or no added sodium. 


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