Are these running injuries causing you hip pain?

Are these running injuries causing you hip pain?

The hip bone structure is surprisingly simple, consisting of the femur (leg bone) slotting into the socket of the pelvic bone. The complexities and various injuries that result in hip pain are related to the complex musculature that support those joints. It can be difficult to identify the source of your hip pain. Here are some common runner’s injuries.

Hamstring injuries – There are three muscles that are present at the back of the thigh. They work together to flex your knees. If you injure them, you will likely recognise pain in that area, especially when bending your knee. If the damage occurs higher up the thigh, the pain may be associated with the hips.

Hip Bursitis – Hip bursitis is a rare but painful condition that effects the bursae, the fluid filled sacs that lubricate joints. If these sacs become inflamed during repetitive long distance training, for example, intense pain can occur.

Groin pull – Hip adductor muscles pull the leg closer to the body. Like all muscles, they can tear and cause a lot of pain. This is usually caused by overtraining or overuse. As the adductors are connected at the top of the inside thigh, damage can be felt as an ache in the groin or hip region.

Piriformis syndrome – The small muscle called the piriformis can cause quite a uniquely painful experience due to its placement. It connects from the sacrum to the outer hip, crossing over the sciatic nerve. If the piriformis swells or is damaged, pressure on the nerve can cause a lot of discomfort.

Stress fracture – You might think that stress fractures can only occur in the bones of the leg or feet, but that’s not true. Occasionally, stress fractures can occur in the pelvis. The same conditions apply here – there is no sudden impact on the bone that causes a break. Instead the fractures form slowly over time with repeated stressors. The dull ache radiates through the groin or lower back which can lead to misdiagnoses initially.

Iliopsoas syndrome – The iliopsoas muscle helps to lift your leg off the ground from the knee. If you over train or commit to a new exercise program too quickly, the tendons that control this muscle can easily become inflamed. You may recognise a sharp pain at the front of the hip, maybe with a snapping or popping feeling.

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