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Why do American Footballers need more protection for their knees than just knee pads?

American football has the highest injury rate in the USA amongst all popular sports. Despite knee pads being a mandatory part of the kit required for American football, knee injuries are still extremely common.

With the participant rate of the sport increasing all over the world, it is important for players to give their knees, their fighting chance. While knee pads certainly protect against direct impact injuries and damage from twisting and hyperextension, they do not protect against repetitive running movements and the strain they put through the knee. With the use of an insole, injury rate from repetitive movements and gravitational impact forces can be greatly reduced.

American football involves a great deal of running both during training sessions and within competitive matches. Running itself comes with increased risk of injury both at the knee and elsewhere within the lower limb.

Despite it unlikely causing a high-profile injury such as damage to the ACL (anterior-cruciate ligament), it can result in less severe injuries which can reduce a players level of performance.

For example, patella tendinopathy - pain and inflammation of the patella tendon at the knee; and Medial tibial stress syndrome (known as shin splints) pain at the distal ⅓ of the tibia (shin bone); can both become painful enough to cause limping, thus affecting players performance. A simple shock absorbing insole, can help reduce impact through the lower limb and knee, in turn reducing risk of injuries caused by the running aspect of American football.

Enertor insoles use D30 impact technology, a material providing shock absorption, ensuring shock attenuation of the lower limb, especially the knee is greatly reduced. In addition to this, Enertor insoles also provide energy return. Due to the intensity of American football, over the course of a game fatigue will happen, however with the use of an Enertor insole the time it takes for a player to become fatigued and tired is prolonged.

This is achieved due to the insole technology having the ability to disperse impact energy, making it easier to launch into the next stride. The odds of incurring an injury playing American football are increasingly high over a players’ lifetime. The use of an insole can help prolong and even mitigate many of them. As a result it could potentially extend the time a player is available to play during a season by maintaining joint health, as well as tendon and muscle strength and viability.

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