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The advantages of base layers for runners

Compression wear has been trending in the running sphere for a long time now. It’s safe to say running base layers have become mainstream. You can find different styles of gear to suit your needs. Try long- and short-sleeve tops, socks, shorts, full length legs, or sleeves for forearms and calves. Have you wondered about why they are so popular? There are two main advantages to wearing compression gear under your usual running kit. Let’s check them out. 


Improves performance during training (and events) 


Wearing a running base layer of gear is easy, and it’s so close fitting and comfortable it’s easy to forget you’re even wearing it. The real purpose of compression gear is to help hold your muscles in their most natural and correct position. This helps to reduce the likelihood of minor wear-and-tear injuries. They may also help to reduce instances of repetitive injuries like hamstring strains, because the entire system of the leg is supported. Naturally, correct training techniques will help avoid larger injuries. Compression gear can also be adapted to the climate. Warmer options are available for colder locales, and more breathable options that wick away moisture can be found for warmer training environments. The reduced stress on the muscles leaves you more energy to run, and possibly in less pain after training. Some runners also enjoy the effects compression gear has on restricting movement of additional body fat layers during training. 


A running base layer can improve recovery after training 


Don’t strip off your running base layer as soon as you finish your run. Leaving your gear on for a short time while you refuel with protein may help your body deliver the reparative nutrients to your muscles more efficiently. If the muscles can access the oxygen and protein they need to begin repair and recovery, you will see improved recovery times. Compression gear may also help prevent or delay lactic acid build up in the muscles, further preventing soreness. You could also find Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is reduced as the gear helps blood get to the muscles more efficiently.  


There’s really no reason to avoid adding a compression base layer to your running kit. You’re very likely to notice the changes after your very first run. 


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