9 Epically Scenic Runs You’ll Never Forget

9 Epically Scenic Runs You’ll Never Forget

We’ve put together a list of 9 of the most scenic runs you can find. Travel the world, one trail at a time. 


Lisbon, Portugal

The ‘City of Seven Hills’, Lisbon is a richly historical place to stretch your legs. Take an early-morning meander through the cobblestone streets. 


Zion National Park, Utah, USA

Jaw-dropping canyons must be seen to be believed. The sandstone has been carved away over 250 million years. An absolutely phenomenal trail, and one of the planet’s most scenic runs. 


Positano, Italy

Take the Path of the Gods along the Amalfi Coast of Italy. It’s an 8 mile, variable trail that takes you along the clifftops, giving you a bird’s eye view of the Mediterranean Sea. 


Garibaldi Lake, British Columbia, Canada

Climb almost 3000 ft of elevation over 5.5 miles through one of the most scenic runs in Canada. A natural dam, forests and meadows all await. 


Swabian Alps, Germany

Give yourself a challenge with a steep 10 miler through the Swabian Alps. It’s rocky, but the views at the top take in an actual castle, nestled into rolling green foothills. 


Chamonix, France

Another brush with mountain trails brings you to the Alps. Seek out the Col des Montets pass that connects France with Switzerland. Snow-capped peaks and a rich natural forest await. 


Brenta Dolomites, Italy

Seek out the stone chapel, perched a mere 7000 feet above sea level. Even at that height it’s dwarfed by the limestone mountains. It’s a flatter trail woven through the mountains, which makes a welcome change after all those climbs. 


Gran Canaria Island, Spain

It’s a brief 3 miles but any excuse will do when it comes to visiting Gran Canaria Island. It’s got volcanic history and the landscape tells many tales. 


Spåkenes, Norway

Snow-seekers can find their way up to the Arctic Circle, where the Norwegian village of Spåkenes is waiting. Find plenty of mountains to admire, the Northern sun, and the breath-taking Norwegian Sea coast. 


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