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8 of the world’s most exotic hiking trails you need to visit

The world is an amazing place and it’s filled with such a variety of places to run. We’ve put together a list of 8 exotic hiking trails to whet your appetite.


Everest Base Camp, Nepal – If you’re not ready to scale the summit, take 3 weeks out to hike to Everest Base Camp instead. With elevations of up to 18 193 ft, you’ll probably need to take it easy. Sherpas will guide you over the mountains and through valleys to reach your goal.


Indian Himalayas, India – Exotic hiking trails don’t come much better than this! Get ready to be taken to some of the most remote parts of India. Breathtaking elevations and a few thrilling cliff edges will give you a challenging experience.


Tongariro Northern Circuit, New Zealand – Head to the North Island of New Zealand to complete this 4 day, 31 mile circuit. Also known as the New Zealand Great Walk, it takes you around the majestic Mount Ngauruhoe.


Cinque Terra, Italy  – If you’re not keen on snow capped mountains, try this leisurely 7.5 mile trail along the Western Italian coast. It takes you through a number of towns, so prepare to experience the local culture along the way.


Desert Trek to Petra, Jordan – The ancient kingdom of Petra is located in the deserts of Jordan. Be bold, prepare well, and ditch the tour bus for a 50 mile hike through the desert to your destination.


West Coast Trail, Canada – This trial was originally cut to aid in the rescue of shipwreck survivors off the treacherous west coast of Canada. Take the 47 mile trail and see Canadian wilderness up close.


Muliwai Trail, Hawaii – Can you find more exotic hiking trails than those on a tropical island? Prepare for plenty of steep steps across the ridge caps of mountains, cross a black sand beach and take in ocean views over 18 miles of trail.


Cape Wrath Trail, Scotland – Not for the faint of heart, conquering this 200 mile trail through the Scottish wilds will leave you with a sense of achievement few experience. It’s not called the toughest walk in the UK for nothing.



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