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7 herbs and spices to improve running health

One way to tweak your running performance and improve running health may be to incorporate some select herbs and spices into your diet.

In some cases, these culinary additions have been relied on for thousands of years, and their health benefits are now also being proven by modern scientific testing. Here are 7 herbs and spices we love to improve running health. 




A well-known anti-inflammatory spice, turmeric’s distinctive yellow has coloured curries for a very long time. The active ingredient is curcumin and it can be helpful if you’re trying to avoid weight regain after successful dieting. 




This humble herb has potent antioxidant properties. Add it to bathwater to help soothe and treat wounds (useful to improve running health after a fall on gravel). If you suffer from athlete’s foot or other yeast-based infections, thyme may help alleviate them. 




Ginger root can be steeped as a tea to help calm a nervous stomach before or after a race. It can also be partnered with turmeric to increase anti-inflammatory effects on joints. 


Cayenne Pepper 


This spicy addition to your meals can help reduce appetite and increase thermogenesis (leading to a boosted metabolism). It may also help to reduce fat levels in the blood, which could help reduce strain on your cardiovascular system. 




Like ginger, mint can be steeped as enjoyed as a stomach-settling tea. If you run in the evenings or by still water, you might like to apply a topical tincture as mint is known to repel mosquitos. 




This cheerful weed hides a secret arsenal of health benefits. Add young leaves to salads for a significant boost in nutrients, or brew tea from the dried root. If your diet is lacking, this potent plant could find you in better running health very quickly. 


Black pepper 


Like cayenne pepper, black pepper offers a thermogenic effect which helps to burn fat faster. You may find it helps reducing aches in joints and could be safely combined with other spices on this list to observe even stronger health benefits. 


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