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7 Advanced Running Training Tips

If you feel like you’ve got the basics of running covered and you want to take it up a notch, take a look at these advanced running training tips we have complied for you. In this article, it’s all about mind over matter and running smart.


1. Enjoy your easy runs

If you’ve got some easier runs scheduled in your program, relax and enjoy them. Not every run has to push you to the limits. Choose a route that has plenty of great scenery to enjoy.


2. Enjoy the hard runs, too

If you know you’re going to be pushing yourself to get a breakthrough or see some new results, choose an option you enjoy. If you want high intensity but you hate sprints, play with a skipping rope for a similar outcome that’s a bit more fun.


3. Make it a treasure hunt

Planning a long run? Set up your water caches ahead of time. Squirrel bottles behind trees or even bury them if you have to. It’ll certainly break up the run and keep things interesting.


4. Keep it achievable

Once of the best running training tips you could take on board is to identify your long term running goals, but don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to train for it from day one. Break up your training schedule and just work toward hitting your goals for the next 2-4 weeks. Your short term progress is always in service of your long term goal.


5. Leave your watch at home

If you’re aiming to cover a longer distance during your weekly training schedule, try leaving your watch at home occasionally. Concentrate on covering the miles with good quality strides and posture instead of your time.


6. Rest well

There is nothing to be gained by pushing through injury. Schedule regular rest days, and if you notice a small problem, back right off and rest until it’s healed. Running on a small injury will cause a big one, leading to weeks and months off.


7. Think like a beginner

If you’re going to try a new style of training, assume nothing. You may be an elite long distance runner, but that knowledge probably won’t translate to sprints. Start from the beginning, go slowly and learn the techniques you need to succeed at your new activity.


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