6 ways to stay motivated to run in cold weather

6 ways to stay motivated to run in cold weather

It’s no secret that the cold weather makes getting out for a run less appealing.

The cold gets in and the wet can make things uncomfortable. But that’s no reason to let your fitness routines die off for 3-6 months of the year.

Let’s take a look at some ways you can stay motivated to move during the winter weather.


Yes, we agree, the treadmill is not as satisfying as running outside. But if it’s crazy out there, get the workout done regardless. Make it fun by setting data-based challenges.

Can you run at speed 6 for 10 minutes? How quickly can you cover a 5 mile run? Alternatively, pick the treadmill in front of the TV that’s showing the game and distract yourself for the first half.

Sign up for a race

This one is easy – set up your pride against your dislike for cold and see which one wins. If you’ve got race day to prepare for, you’re much more likely to get out there and train for it, even if you’re not feeling like it.

Mix up the route

During the summer it’s likely you stuck to leafy shaded routes to see you through the higher temperatures. Now that the cold weather is here, explore some new routes that are actually more open to the elements.

It provides you with variety, new terrain and the trails are probably quieter this time of year (because not everyone is as motivated as you!)

Change your tune

The cold season does tend to be demotivating and it encourages us to stay indoors. That means we should keep running as a priority.

Too much time spent inside isn’t healthy, so get out there for your mental health alongside the physical benefits.

Buy new gear

Cold wet weather calls for different gear than summer. It makes things easier and more comfortable, and can keep you safer too.

Treat yourself, take advantage of seasonal sales and then strut your new kit on the trail.


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