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5 tips to boost your running speed

If you train for races, your goal is to get the fastest time possible, and as a insole brand worn and endorsed by Usain Bolt alongside other high profile sports athletes and teams, we know a thing or two about speed. Often it’s assumed that the only way to get faster is to put in more and more miles. Trouble is, we are usually so strapped for time it’s hard to squeeze in even more time on the road. You can get smart and improve your speed in other ways. Here are 5 tips to boost your speed without increasing time on the track.

Add hills once a week – Running up and down a hilly track will see plenty of fitness improvements in a shorter amount of time. Your body needs to work harder to climb, boosting leg strength and aerobic capacity. The downhill segments will improve running economy.

Add a plyometrics session – Once or twice after a workout, include a short plyometrics session. These are jumping style exercises, and help to develop explosive muscles, which should see an improvement in push off speed and economy. This will translate to better race performance and better running speed.

Vary your training intensity – If you complete 5 identical runs each week, you are doing yourself a disservice. Varying your schedule to include a couple of short, hard runs and some longer, easier ones will see faster improvements in your speed overall. Alternating between them every day with a rest day once a week is a solid strategy here.

Add a sprint session – This can be a lot of fun. Most runners never push to see just how fast they can go. Find some open ground and go all out for 8-10 seconds. You only need to do this a few times once a week or so. You’ll increase your running speed, the power of your stride and your aerobic capacity.

Train year round – It can be tempting to take a break from training after the season ends, but it makes it difficult to rebuild that level of fitness the next year. Even if you’re not actively preparing for a race, make sure to keep a low but consistent level of training in place. When it comes time to train for a new race, half the work will already be done and you wont need to push so hard to regain your previous running speed.


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