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5 things about plantar fasciitis that most people don’t know

Do you suffer from sharp pains in your heels, particularly first thing in the morning? You may be looking for a plantar fasciitis solution. While plantar fasciitis can be distressing there are high-quality tools you can use to create the best environment for your feet to heal.

Most people know that plantar fasciitis is caused by inflammation on the fascia, the thick band of connective tissue that joins your heel to your toes. Here are 5 things about plantar fasciitis that most people don’t know.

Plantar fasciitis may be caused from misaligned ankles

If the bones in the ankles are not working smoothly together then undue pressure can be placed on the plantar fascia, causing inflammation and pain. The ankle may need support from superior insoles to support correct alignment and fluid motion.

Ultrasounds may only be a short term solution

Ultrasounds are commonly used to treat plantar fasciitis but there are studies that suggest the healing effect to be equally effective as a placebo. You may gain greater benefit from using Enertor insoles which provide excellent arch support to relieve tension on the fascia, along with significant shock absorption.

Tight calves can contribute

The body is a complex machine and often systems are connected. If you have tight calves you may develop pronation in your feet, which puts plenty of strain on the plantar fascia. Regularly stretch your calves after exercise to allow the muscles to fully relax.

NSAIDS, or anti-inflammatory drugs may not help.

While anti-inflammatory drugs have been suggested as a plantar fasciitis solution for a long time there is new research that demonstrates you may be better off without. Ligaments, bones, tendons and even muscles can show slowed or reduced healing when treated with over the counter anti-inflammatories. Enertor insoles have shown proven pain relief from plantar fasciitis without medications.

Bone spurs and plantar fasciitis are not linked

Bone spurs are bony growths on the bottom of the heel bone. It’s commonly thought that the presence of bone spurs causes plantar fasciitis, but the evidence is only coincidental. Plenty of people have bone spurs without developing plantar fasciitis and vice versa.

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Good to know about Plantar Fasciitis

If you are suffering from Plantar Fasciitis do something about it now, don’t wait until the pain has increased. Some people walk around in pain for months, sometimes years not doing anything about it. ENERTOR comfort full length has undergone a clinical trial with 120 people participating and the results were astonishing. 91% of people found an overall level of improvement of the pain and 75% of new sufferers agree the insoles have helped heal their Plantar Fasciitis. Don’t wait, act now.

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