5 Reasons you should use caffeine in training – TRUESTART® Coffee Guest Post

5 Reasons you should use caffeine in training – TRUESTART® Coffee Guest Post

We know that caffeine is used extensively in sport. In one study, 3 out of 4 athletes had consumed caffeine before or during sports competition which is completely normal these days. But why?


Studies show that even low doses of caffeine improve vigilance, alertness, mood and cognitive processes during and after exercise. This means you can really stay focused on getting the most out of your training session.


In one study on runners, the ingestion of caffeinated coffee (caffeine level measured) was shown to enhance their speed and therefore performance of sustained high-intensity exercise. Great news for your pb!


Caffeine has been shown to lower your rate of perceived exertion, meaning you can push yourself harder. Check out this study, which demonstrates that caffeine reduces RPE during exercise which may partly explain the subsequent ergogenic effects of caffeine on performance.


Caffeine helps your body burn fat more easily, meaning you can use fat as an additional energy source rather than relying solely on your carb stores. That means you've got more in the tank before you hit the wall, so you can train for longer. Awesome news for endurance training and racing.


Good news for tomorrow's workout if you hit it hard today! This study shows that post-exercise caffeine helps muscles refuel, by increasing the rate at which your body absorbs muscle glycogen.

Well, caffeine sounds like a wonder drug doesn't it? What's the bad news?

You probably already know that caffeine has adverse side effects if you have too much. It also doesn't have any benefits if you don't have enough. Everyone has a different tolerance level, so it's important to work out how much works for you then stick to it. Did you know the caffeine in coffee varies a huge amount? All coffee that is, except TrueStart Performance Coffee. TrueStart Coffee is perfectly caffeinated to boost your performance with no crash. 95mg per sachet, scoop or Hero bar so you feel great every time. Ideal to kick start your day, before exercise, during a ride or as a pick me up.
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