5 Fat Burning foods you should include in your diet

5 Fat Burning foods you should include in your diet

Written by Sam Gurrey

Foods that actually help your body burn fat? Sounds almost too good to be true, but luckily for us, they do in fact exist. Our diets should always be varied but where fat burning is concerned, these foods should be a staple in all of our diet plans.

Green fibrous vegetables [broccoli, green beans, asparagus, lettuce, etc.] Fibrous carbs are your number one choice for fat burning carbohydrates. Green vegetables, also known as fibrous carbs, hardly contain any calories [they have a low calorie density]. It’s virtually impossible to overeat green vegetables. Eat them liberally and eat more of them late in the day. A diet of green vegetables combined with lean proteins is one of the best methods of getting lean as quickly as possible. This coincides with my 'low carb high protein' diet which will explain why this works in more detail.

Chicken & Turkey breast Both Chicken and Turkey breast, once skinned, are one of the cleanest ways of getting good proteins into your body. The breast holds less calories and fat than its legs & thighs counterparts, but remain to be packed with the protein our muscles love so much! Both breasts are easily one of the most popular foods amongst bodybuilders and athletes alike. I assume it goes without saying that they should be broiled, grilled, roasted but avoid frying [especially deep fat fried!]

However, avoid 'processed breast' such as lunch meats, chicken dippers, turkey drummers etc as these are filled with preservatives, sodium, binders, fillers and chemicals, which you have no need for, many of these additives cause bloating too so try to avoid attempting short cuts that ironically take you a step backwards.

Egg whites As you know, to burn off our fat we need to reduce our calorie/fat intake whilst maintaining a big protein one. Egg whites are perfect for this. 99% of all of your eggs fat is stored in the yolk, whilst the protein is distributed evenly throughout [how convenient for us!] Eggs are extremely versatile too and can be cooked in a huge number of ways, so getting bored of them should never be a problem.

Shellfish & Fish I'm always shocked and surprised by how many people seem to neglect both fish and shellfish from their diet. A lot of fish are fairly low in fat, especially shellfish such as prawns, yet they have a great deal of protein. Even fish which are higher in fat like salmon, mackerel and sardines, are packed with good fats and oils, along with Omega 3 fatty acids. Adding Fish to your weekly diet plan hugely increases your variety of food as well and will help combat the feeling of boredom or repetitive eating.

Oatmeal Oatmeal is by far one of the best and cleanest sources of complex, starch carbohydrates that you will find. Despite it being a starchy carb, it also has a great balance of protein and good fat. Oatmeal is a fantastically slow releasing carb and very versatile. There's no need to force it down plain every morning, berries and other fruit can easily be added as well as adding oatmeal itself to protein shakes or your homemade fruit or vegetable juices. However, I would implore you to avoid sweetened or flavoured oatmeal as these then contain high traces of sugar, which you really want to avoid when attempting to lose weight.

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