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5 common running mistakes

Once you’ve found your running stride it can be easy to get caught up in chasing the next PB or qualifying cut off. It’s also easy to get so caught up that you overdo it and injure yourself. It’s good to stop and reassess the efforts your putting in and how it effects your times. Here’s 5 mistakes your could be making in training.

Running intervals too hard, too fast – It can be tempting to run yourself into exhaustion when you’re doing interval training. You might think it’s helping, but it’s not. You actually need to run slower so you don’t tire yourself out before you get the best from your run. Find your VO2 max and run at that speed overall. For example, if you hit your VO2 max running at a 10 minute mile pace, run half mile splits at a 5 minute mile pace.

Giving too much power to your GPS – Focusing too much on what your GPS is telling you can lead to obsession and a constant drive to beat your last time. If you’re running for the long haul, you want consistency and small improvement over time, not massive time cuts each run. Once a week leave your tech at home and just run as you feel. It’s mentally freeing and reminds you that you’re in it because you love it.

Rigidly sticking to the plan – It’s great to have your runs scheduled in as it helps to keep you focused and progressing. But life happens, and sometime there will be something like a wedding or a breakfast meeting that coincide with your run. Skip the run and don’t force yourself to make up the miles later in the week. Take it as added recovery time and then hit your next scheduled run fresh.

Self sabotage – An approaching race can do funny things to your mind. You might find yourself trying to hit a full race distance the week before the big day – leaving you wrecked and unable to pull it off when it counts. Avoid doing hard workouts in the lead up to a race, and trust that your body can go the distance on the day.

Going too hard in the first mile – Pre-race jitters can ruin your actual race, too. When that gun goes off, don’t charge out of the gate and find yourself worn out before you’re even half way. If you’ve trained well, you know that a steady pace will see you over the line. Channel that excitement into pacing yourself and get across the line in great shape.


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