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3 common running shoe myths you should ignore

Running shoes are so central to running success there’s no surprise that myths have sprung up around them. Choosing the shoes that will keep you company for 500 hard earned miles is a big decision. Sometimes, the running shoe myths that make the choice easier might actually be causing you to miss an opportunity. Here are three common myths about running shoes that you should probably ignore.


Myth 1: Once you’ve found your brand you should stick with them forever

False. You cannot guarantee that you will love every shoe your favourite company makes. This is a running shoe myth. They do create a ‘last’ which is the mould that shoes are built around, but these vary across shoe styles and can be updated at any time. If you blindly stick to one brand you may be missing out on something better, or be sticking with a shoe that no longer meet your needs.


Myth 2: You should stay with the exact same brand and model of shoe

False. You found a shoe that you like, so you bought 5 pairs (just in case they get discontinued). It’s understandable, but you might be doing yourself a disservice. If you cocoon your feet in the exact same pair of shoes for months or years, you will force them to develop weaknesses in some spots or overcompensate in others. Rotating between 2-3 pairs will keep your feet from falling into unhelpful muscle development patterns, and will also help develop your sense of proprioception.


Myth 3: There is one ‘best running shoe’ and you need to have a pair

False. It’s easy to understand the desire to have the best pair of shoes. The trouble is, your feet are unique, and the best shoe for you is not the best shoe for the next person on the track. It’s a running shoe myth, and the truth is, it’s impossible to recommend a single pair of shoes that will deliver everything you need for speed and support. Take the time to explore different brands and models, taking your unique situation into account. You may find that the most popular pair does nothing for you, and that you’re better served by a smaller brand’s design. The best shoes are the ones that help you perform, no matter the brand.


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