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Is a 10K the best way to start 2018?

New Year’s Day is usually greeted with a renewed sense of optimism and a determination to turn over a new leaf (unless, of course, celebrations lasted all night – in which case, better to start resolutions from January 2). 


There’s a lot of ways you can celebrate the new year. Making resolutions is one of them, but they can be awfully difficult to maintain over time. One trick to help resolutions stick is to make an immediate effort toward your goal, enjoy the task with others, and commit to other people that you’ll complete the task at hand. 


Perhaps unsurprisingly, we’ve put together a few of our favourite new year’s resolution ideas – public races that get your body moving within the first week of the year. Begin as you mean to go on! Let the enthusiasm of the competition group buoy you along toward your health and fitness goals for the year. Will you choose a New Year’s Day run ? 


Lamberhurst New Year’s Day Run 10K 

1 January, Tunbridge Wells, Kent 


Start the year off on the right foot at Lamberhurst. Take the 5K or 10K option through some fabulous hilly scenery, including Scotney Castle. Celebrate your health and do something worthwhile – the races will be raising money for bone cancer research. 


Start Fitness Serpentine New Year’s Day Run 10K 

1 January, London 


For City folk, gather in Hyde Park for a traffic-free 5K or 10K race through Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. Race commences at 11am, so there’s plenty of time to freshen up if you managed to catch the fireworks over Big Ben. 


Brighton Glow Run 

6 January, Hove Seafront, East Sussex 


This evening 5K race is in its fifth year, and the highlight is the great big glowing arch that marks the starting line. This is a great community event, and a wonderful way to spend the first Saturday evening of the year. 


Mickleham Adventure Race – Trail 

7 January, Mickleham, Surrey

For something different, take on this adventure race. Take a map and navigate to as many points as possible within the 2-hour cut off. Each waypoint is worth 10 points, but you’ll be docked 1 point for every 30 seconds you’re overdue. It’s strategy and speed combined. Make it a family event, with kids from 8 years old welcome to run with an adult. 


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