Marathons not to miss: The Midnight Sun Marathon


We love showcasing the world’s most interesting marathons. The Midnight Sun Marathon is run in Tromsø, Norway and it’s not one you should miss. 

Tromsø is an Artic city, perched almost on top of the world. During the Arctic summer, from the end of May to the end of July, the sun never sets. This creates a unique opportunity to undertake new challenges in the mysterious environment of a night time filled with daylight. Why not run a marathon? 

The race will be held on 16 June 2018. If you’re not ready for a full marathon, you can take on the half or 10K distance. Bring the family north for a unique experience and get the kids involved with the Children’s Fun Run. 

The course itself has some elevations but the second half is much flatter. This should give runners some respite in the last miles of the race. It’s primarily a coastal track that wraps around the Norwegian Sea, so there will be endless views to soak up while runners are on the track. Midnight Sun Marathon runners will take in manmade sights too, like the stunning Artic Cathedral and the Bridge of Tromsø. Participants will come into city for a hero’s welcome at the finish line. 

It’s a well-supported event with plenty of water stations and food available at the marathon distance. First aid stations are established every 5km, so participants are well looked after. All finishers receive a medal but beware the 5:30 race cut off time. 

Entry fees for the Marathon are around £80. Registrations can be taken on the day if there are places remaining. This is a small event with only 1000 slots available for the marathon distance. If you’re thinking about doing it, it’s best to register soon. Why not add a quirky and challenging Midnight Sun Marathon to your bucket list? 

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