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Runner's Bundle - Performance Insoles & Run Socks
Runner's Bundle - Performance Insoles & Run Socks
Enertor Performance insole
Enertor Performance insole packaging
Enertor Performance insole side and top view for pain and injury reduction
Enertor Performance insole underside showing stability shank
Enertor Performance insole side view
Enertor Performance insole top view
Runner's Bundle - Performance Insoles & Run Socks
Usain Bolt holding package of Enertor insoles


Runner's Bundle - Performance Insoles & Run Socks

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ENERTOR® performance insoles have added arch support and a deeper heel cup for increased stability. They are most suited to those people who want the extra support.

They are ideal for all kinds of sports, hiking or heavy-duty work. They reduce the amount of pronation and give maximum control and stability to the foot, with a supported arch, built-up heel and moulded stability shank underneath, aligning the foot with the lower limb, therefore reducing Tibia and Femur rotation and the stress this can put on your joints.

The Met Dome spreads the forces on the forefoot to reduce excess pressure. The insoles are made from 100% of the revolutionary shock-absorption material from heel to forefoot, helping to absorb the load across the whole foot. The insoles are water-resistant, lightweight and suitable for diabetics.

Key benefits

  • Arch support reduces pronation and improves posture
  • Deep heel cup increases stability control
  • Shock-absorbing technology reduces pain and injury
  • Flexible - for all sports, hiking or heavy duty work
  • Durable - lasts over 7 times as long as standard insoles
  • Improves muscle function, reduces fatigue
  • Suitable for diabetics


Please note, remove the existing insole before fitting. Half sizes are not available - we recommend you order the next size up. Insoles can be trimmed at the forefoot if required - use the insole you removed as a template to get the perfect fit.

Looking for day to day comfort?


Made from our revolutionary material from the heel to the forefoot, ENERTOR® Comfort insoles provide instant relief and long-term protection. These insoles can be inserted into almost all shoe types and are designed to provide relief when walking or running. They are suitable for people who do not require significant arch support or prefer a neutral feel.