We can recycle your insoles

Many people are trying to do more for the environment than ever before. Enertor are aware of the problems we face in the future and want to do their bit to help. We manufacture all our insoles in the UK and our products are built to last, however insoles still end up in landfill. With our new recycling scheme you can help stop that.

Here's how to get involved:

We encourage you to send your old insoles to Enertor, be they running insoles or gel pads for your heels, in an envelope or small bag of your choice, preferably recycled. It doesn’t matter which brand of insoles or their condition. We will make sure that your old insoles will not pollute our environment, instead they will be put to good use as a positive for our ever changing world.

To send your insoles back please send them to:

Enertor Recycling Department
10-15 Pegasus
Orion Court
Addison Way
Great Blakenham