What is it?

The metatarsals are the long bones in the middle of your foot, that connect the rear foot bones to the bones at the toes. Metatarsalgia is a condition where pain is experienced at the end of one or more of these bones, in the ball of your foot. When this area becomes inflamed, the pain is often described as feeling like you are walking on pebbles.

What causes metatarsalgia?

Several factors can lead to this condition such as intense training or excess weight. A high foot arch can put extra stress on the metatarsals as can wearing high heels for a long period of time.

How Enertor insoles help.

  1. 44% shock absorption – all Enertor insoles offer more shock absorption than any other insole– reducing shock at foot contact to reduce stress on foot structures
  2. Improved arch support – Enertor Performance insoles offer arch support for both high and low arches assisting the body’s natural shock absorption function and allowing weight to be distributed evenly.

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