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 Creating bespoke insoles

Enertor: the beginning

For twenty years, as RSscan Lab Ltd, we have been helping Premier League Footballers, Tour De France winners and Olympic champions to stay injury-free and perform better, with our made-to-measure insoles.
Our philosophy has always been to treat the foot as a dynamic system. This is why we teamed up with RS Scan Systems to use state-of-the-art scanning technology to measure each person's foot and their gait (the way that they walk) in minute detail. This approach allowed us to design and prescribe the best possible bespoke insoles.

The development of bespoke insoles, however, was always likely to be limited to a relatively small number of people. The statistic that always played on our mind was that 70% of people would benefit from using an insole but only 5% of people actually wear one.

We wanted to change this and develop an insole that was both affordable, while delivering unparalleled protection and performance.

The Enertor dream was born.

Technology break-through

A great insole design, however, is not enough. You also need to use advanced materials to balance a wide range of factors:
  • Shock-absorption
  • Energy return
  • Flexibility
  • Comfort
  • Durability

We constantly work with some of the world's leading material scientists to create the best possible material for an insole.

As part of this work we came across D3O®. This is a revolutionary shock-absorbing material in which the molecules flow freely when it is moved slowly but lock on impact to dissipate any force through the rest of the material - reducing the shock of any impact.

This material then allowed us to design a breakthrough insole that would benefit everyone: from world-class athletes to everyone else.

 D30 shock absorbing technology
 British Armed forces

Testing with the British Army

Through the years we have always focused on delivering tangible results for patients, even in the toughest of circumstances. We have worked with the military around the world and, in particular, undertook a multi-year study with the British Armed Forces to prove the benefits of shock absorbing insoles.
The results were stunning.
The study demonstrated that the insoles reduced lower limb injuries by an incredible 66%. The study has been published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine.
We continue to work closely with the military and our insoles are now the only shock-absorbing insoles to be mandated by the British Armed Forces, including the Royal Marines and SAS.

Working with Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt started working with us in the run up to the 2016 Rio Olympics. He was trying to stay injury free while undertaking some of the toughest training in his life. We provided him with our latest insoles and he liked them so much he agreed to become our brand ambassador.
We were thrilled to have the endorsement of such a global sporting icon.
Usain believed in our overall mission - to help people stay injury free and perform at their best - so much that he is now also a shareholder in the business.
 Usain Bolt Enertor brand ambassador
 Shoe orthotics for plantar fasciitis

Helping to heal Plantar Fasciitis

We were amazed by the test results that we achieved in the lab for our range of Performance and Comfort insoles. As we all know, however, results in the real world can differ greatly to those achieved in the lab. That is why we are so pleased with the latest research that has been undertaken by people who suffer from Plantar Fasciitis, an extremely painful condition, which affects up to 10% of the population world-wide.

In a breakthrough independent study conducted by Creative Medical Research 91% of sufferers said that wearing the insoles for just 2-weeks led to an improvement in the overall level of pain.

Even more incredible was that 75% of new sufferers agreed that Enertor Comfort insoles helped to heal their Plantar Fasciitis, which made us the first insole company in the world to have a healing claim for Plantar.

The future...

We will continue to work tirelessly towards our goal of helping people to stay injury free and perform at their best.
We have lots of exciting plans for the future including our most recent development a range of technical socks and base layers, which are designed to help you perform better and recover faster.
We are also working with over 100 brand ambassadors around the world helping to spread the word.
If you would like to join our team or find out more about us, please contact us at
 Research into performance technology

Expert Thoughts

Dr Sue Barnett

“The inclusion of D3O® in ENERTOR™ insoles is an exciting feature which is beneficial for many sports as the innovative material enables the insole to instantly respond and stiffen proportionally to the force applied, giving effectively customised behavioural properties."

- Dr. Sue Barnett -

Leading Global Podiatrist

Bob Grainger

“As a former SKY Pro Cycling Team Physiotherapist I use ENERTOR® Insoles in my clinics to treat heel and plantar fascia pain and reduce the chance of lower limb sports injuries.”

- Bob Grainger -


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