Patella tendons

What is patellar tendonitis?

The Patella tendon is attached just below the knee cap and runs down to the Tibia (shin bone). It’s job is to help extend the knee when you run, jump or kick.

What causes patellar tendonitis?

Those with this injury will experience pain in the lower knee and it is caused by overuse. Tight quads, calves and hamstrings can increase the stress on this tendon or a muscular imbalance can create an uneven pull on the tendon. Many athletes obtain this injury – and running on a decline can increase your risk of this injury.

 Causes of patellar tendonitis

How Enertor insoles can help

  1. 44% shock absorption – all Enertor insoles offer more shock absorption than any other insole– reducing shock at foot contact which lowers soft tissue irritations at the knee
  2. Improved lower limb alignment – Enertor Performance insole’s contoured cushioning and control chassis help to reduce tibia and femur rotation and reduce stress on the knee joint.
  3. Heel lift – Enertor Performance insoles provide natural heel lift to redistribute pressure away from the tendons at the knee joint.

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Enertor insoles for patellar tendonitis

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