Flat or high arches

 Diagram of normal, high and flat arch

The arches of the feet refer to the curve in the middle of your foot. Tendons attach at the foot and heel and provide a pull that forms the arch. This provides the natural shock absorption for the body and allows your feet to support your weight.

What are flat feet?

If the tendons do not provide the correct pull on the bones and other tendons, you will have little or no arch – flat feet. Although many people with fallen arches find they are nothing to worry about, it can be a contributing factor to overpronation, alignment of the leg muscles and cause pain around the feet, ankles, lower limbs and the lower back.

What are high arch feet?

High Arches are when the foot arch is higher than it should be. This means the body’s shock absorption function does not perform as it should, causing an imbalance in the distribution of weight. An excessive amount of weight is placed on the heel and at the ball of the foot which in turn can lead to other injuries, and worsen conditions like plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia.  

How Enertor insoles help

  1. Improved arch support – Enertor Performance insoles offer arch support for both high arches and flat feet, assisting the body’s natural shock absorption function. They are ideal as arch support insoles for flat feet running.
  2. Improved foot positioning – improve rearfoot positioning helping to reduce over and under pronation.
  3. 44% shock absorption – Enertor insoles offer more shock absorption than any other insole– reducing repeated shock at foot contact, particularly at the ball and heel where flat or high arches may be leading to additional strain upon impact.
Enertor insoles for flat or high arches