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Flat feet

Flat feet

Flat feet (also known as Pes Planus) is a condition where the entire arches are flattened, allowing the entire foot to touch the ground when you stand up. Flat feet can be genetic and can also develop with age, development fault during childhood or after pregnancy. Flat feet can lead to a misalignment with other parts of your body and cause pain, as example pronation where the foot roles inwards causing knee pain.

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Symptoms of flat feet

The main symptoms of flat feet include:

  • Painful or tender feet, specifically in the arch and the heel area.
  • Your feet get tired easily and the inside under the feet can become swollen.
  • Standing on your toes is difficult and often there can be associated back and leg pain.
  • Daily use of the feet can cause the posterior tibial tendon to weaken
  • Damage to the tendon may cause the foot arch to flatten.

What causes flat feet?

  • It is a genetic factors, flat feet can pass from parents to children in the genes.

Treatment and prevention of flat feet

  • Strengthing the feet and lower limb can help with this condition but in severe cases pain relief medication may be needed in the short term.
  • Treatment depends on the severity of the flat foot - either custom made orthotics (insoles prescribed by a clinician) or Enertor PX1 insoles. These will provide you with 60% shock absorption, reducing the forces to your feet, ankle, knees, hip and back and giving you arch support. These insoles can be worn in trainers and daily shoes. As a prevention it is important to rest, use ice to relieve the foot pain and to reduce any swelling.

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