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3400+ reviews

Enertor average star rating from reviews

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injury free

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Running and Walking insoles proven to reduce pain Enertor Insoles Made in Britain stamp logo

3400+ reviews

Enertor average star rating from reviews


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Enertor average star rating from reviews

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Shock absorbing insoles that protect an egg

PX1 - the best performing insole on the market

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Here's some FAQ's

The reason why they work so well is they reduce the impact to the feet and lower limbs whilst helping to support, control the foot and align posture. Reduce the running impact = reduce the pain and of injuries, achieving a more comfortable running experience. It is a combination of the design of the insole (cushioned arch support, a slight heel raise and a met dome feature that spreads the load on the forefoot) and our new PX1 shock absorbing material.

Because the running insoles are targeted at higher impact sports, where more force is put through the foot, these have a firmer compound. Whereas the walking insoles are slightly softer to better suit more casual, and lighter exercise.

Yes! The insoles are designed to be trimmed down at the forefoot. Please use your current insole as a guide for cutting the Enertor insole down using a sharp pair of scissors. They need to sit flat inside the shoe.

It depends on your footwear. There are always slight differences between shoe brands and as a guideline - generally speaking if you are a UK 6.5 you need to order size UK 7-8. If you are a 8.5 then you may need to order a UK 9-10 and so on. If in doubt, measure your current insole from your footwear and compare to our insole sizing below. You can always trim the insoles down to fit your shoes if necessary - please ensure they are long enough and wide enough to work in your shoes:

Size Length (cm) Widest point (cm) Heel width (cm)
UK 3-4 24 8.2 6.2
UK 5-6 26 8.7 6.7
UK 7-8 27.8 9.2 6.9
UK 9-10 29 9.5 7
UK 11-12 31 9.8 7.5
UK 13-14 33 10.2 8

Size conversion chart

UK EU US Men US Women
3-4 36-37 4-5 5-6
5-6 38-39 6-7 7-8
7-8 40-42 8-9 9-10
9-10 43-45 10-11 11-12
11-12 46-47 12-13 13-14
13-14 48-50 14-15 15-16