A guide to the Mad Marathon


The Mad Marathon is a recent addition to the circuit and a welcome one. The beauty of running in a warm summer breeze through open farmland is not to be missed.

The Mad Marathon is being held for the 8th year this July in the Mad River Valley of Vermont in the USA. It’s a race through the back country with views of mountains, farm lands, cattle and historic vistas. This is a US Track and Field certified race and can be used as a Boston qualifier.

Alongside individual runners in both the full marathon and the half, you will find relay teams covering the same miles. The half marathon can be completed by a pair of runners while the full distance can be split between 3-5 team members.

The elevation profile for the Mad Marathon offers a steady climb of around 600ft before dropping again toward the finish line. The track turns downward after the 15th mile, so runners should find some relief there. There is a 6:30 cut off for the full marathon. Officials have advised that participants can transfer to the half marathon on the day if a later finish is expected.

Aid stations are volunteer-led and will be located at 2-mile intervals along the course, providing water and gels. There are plenty of toilets available for runners and mobile emergency services will be patrolling the course.

The race is bookended by festival-like activities including live music concerts, circus performances and the essential American holiday, Independence Day on the 4th of July. Race participants are encouraged to raise funds for two local Vermont charities the focus on youth mental health and emergency housing initiatives.

Early bird registrations are open until May 1, but entries will be taken as late as the weekend of the race if places are available. This race is a great chance to experience true American hospitality and stretch your legs through some beautiful areas that are often the usual tourist trails.

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