Best take aways for healthy runners


We’re all busier than ever before. It’s not surprising that many of us order a takeaway meal once or twice a week (or even more!). Unfortunately, take away meals usually involves large portions and plenty of sides and sauces. Runners must be watchful of their nutrition if they’re going to stay in top racing condition. If you’re keen to get a quick meal and take care of yourself, don’t feel bad. Healthy takeaways for runners are possible. The trick is to find the healthiest options rather than depriving yourself completely.




The way to reduce calories and fat is to choose a smaller sized pizza with a thinner crust. Stuffed and cheesy options add huge amounts of calories. Choose a vegetarian pizza and add meat as a way of upping your veggie intake and including healthy proteins. Chicken and prawns are generally lower in fat than processed meat options like pepperoni. Take a side of coleslaw instead of garlic bread and you’ll feel much better for it.




If you’re going to call through the drive-through on the way home, you can still make a healthy take away choice. Choose a simpler burger like a hamburger and swap the fries for a side salad or sliced apples. A small fries and no-sugar soft drink are better choices if you’re craving a cheeky indulgence. There are salad options available, too. Don’t be afraid to ask for a grilled chicken breast to be added to make it a more substantial meal.


Chinese take away


There are healthy takeaways to be found here. Try to select some vegetable side dishes and stay away from fried rice, as it’s usually very high in fat. Swap your fried spring rolls and sweet and sour for steamed rice with prawns, or chicken chow mien.


Fish and chips


Chips are deceptively high in calories and fat. Take the smallest possible serve or split some with a dining partner. Many fish and chip shops offer grilled fish as an alternative to battered. If you can’t imagine unbattered fish, try removing some of it as you go. Rely on mushy peas as a side.


About Enertor Advanced Technology Insoles –  Enertor insoles are designed to prevent a number of common running injuries and provide more comfort. Designed by leading podiatrists to reduce your risk of injury, the unique design features support your foot throughout training.  Enertor insoles are enhanced by D3O impact protection technology, which means they can provide more shock absorption than any other insole.  Our expertise, combined with the patented D3O shock absorption technology, enables Enertor to deliver the most advanced injury prevention insoles on the market today.

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Whilst Enertor has over 18 years Orthotics experience, our blog content is provided for informational purposes only and it is not a substitute for your own doctor’s medical advice. Enertor advises anyone with an injury to seek their own medical advice – and do not make any health or medical related decisions based solely on information found on this site.

What people are saying about Enertor insoles?

  • E. D.

    E. Davis
    Haven’t really used insoles before but these were a good fit into my shoe and were very comfortable around your foot. Highly recommend using these if you run a lot.

  • Nathan C.

    Insoles put pep in your step.
    I have never run with any type of insert in my shoes, but that being said I did feel like these made a difference. The pair of shoes I used them in had quite a few miles on them, but I can safely say that the inserts made the shoes feel springier, peppier, and overall “newer” feeling. They still feel this way after several weeks of use and I’m looking forward to being able to try them out on a timed run. Overall, with my limited experience I would still recommend them to someone who is looking to experiment with adding an insert into their existing running shoes.

  • Yolanda M.

    They are great. I have been wearing on my runs and my PF has been at bay. I can actually walk after the run.

  • Hayden

    The insoles are amazing, I was sceptical at first if they would fit in my trainers as I’ve never had insoles before. I was pleasantly surprised when they slipped straight into the trainers. They were very comfortable and snug.

  • Tim T.

    Revitalised some very old road shoes
    These insoles were great, they’ve given a whole new lease of life to some very well used trainers that were going in the bin, now, they have helped me avoid spending that money, very comfortable, pretty full in size, so they are fine with normal trainers, but probably won’t work so well with minimalist footwear.

  • Richard

    Best I’ve Used
    Recently received my Enertor insoles and put them straight to use in my running shoes. Have used many pairs of insoles previously but these are by far the most comfortable. The heel cup holds the foot in position perfectly and the cushioning is superb without compromising on stability. Look forward to many miles in them. Recommended

  • Tyrel D.

    Good insoles, but bad for wide toed shoes
    Though I could feel an improvement overall, I can tell they are not made for wide-toed shoes, like the Altras I run in. I’m sure they work great with traditional shoes, and look forward to using them in my next pair.

  • Richard L.

    I put these in ‘normal’ shoes, which didn’t quite work, but as soon as I used them in my running shoes, they felt perfect; one of those hand in glove moments. So comfortable I hardly noticed them.

  • Spencer Patterson

    Great, but takes a bit to break them in
    The first few times I wore them I didn’t like them, but I stuck to them and boy am I glad I did. They’re way better than any other insole I’ve used in the past, and work fantastic with cleats.

  • Leanne

    Great buy
    Makes running easy, especially good for weak knees and ankles.

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