What is a Gait Analysis


When we begin running, we often throw on our old sneakers and head out on the road. Once bitten by the running bug, we start to search out better running shoes that can help us get the most from our miles. Consulting an expert at a sports footwear shop can be very useful but having a gait analysis done can reveal surprising facts about how your feet interact with the running surface.

Why is that important? Your feet are not independent. When they strike the ground, it sends shock up through the ankles, knees, hips and lower back. If you run with a poor gait you may develop injuries in any of these areas, as they struggle to compensate.

A gait analysis can be conducted on an electronic foot pad, but this may only give an indication of walking footfall. A video gait analysis may yield more useful results. Typically, you will be asked to run for a few minutes on a treadmill as cameras record your footfall. An expert can slow down the video to analyse exactly how your feet are falling.

Usually, a gait analysis will be looking for signs of your feet rolling away from a neutral position. If they tend to roll out (lifting the inside of the foot), it’s called supination or underpronation. If the feet roll in (lifting the outside of the foot) it’s called overpronation. Many people have some degree of rolling in one way or the other, and overpronation is far more common.

When you know how your feet roll, there are a few things you can do to help support them. You can choose to buy specialised footwear that has inbuilt support structures to encourage the feet to fall more evenly. You may also be able to use specialised sports performance insoles to help correct footfall if you are otherwise happy with your running shoe selection. Insoles may also extend the life of the shoe, further reducing the stress on the joints as you run.

About Enertor Advanced Technology Insoles – Enertor insoles are designed to prevent a number of common running injuries and provide more comfort. Designed by leading podiatrists to reduce your risk of injury, the unique design features support your foot throughout training.  Enertor insoles are enhanced by D3O impact protection technology, which means they can provide more shock absorption than any other insole.  Our expertise, combined with the patented D3O shock absorption technology, enables Enertor to deliver the most advanced injury prevention insoles on the market today.

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Whilst Enertor has over 18 years Orthotics experience, our blog content is provided for informational purposes only and it is not a substitute for your own doctor’s medical advice. Enertor advises anyone with an injury to seek their own medical advice – and do not make any health or medical related decisions based solely on information found on this site.

What people are saying about Enertor insoles?

  • CMS

    I can run again!
    So comfey I can finally run with out pain!

  • Pieter Hulleman

    Enertor 3/4 insole
    Works great in shoes with smaller volume. Really good for soccer shoes and dress shoes.

  • Amy

    Great insoles
    After experiencing plantar fasciitis in my right foot, I would try anything. These insoles are decreasing my pain and offer nice support. I would recommend these to friends and other runners!

  • Ashleigh H.

    The real deal!
    I have been using these insole for just over a month and the difference they have made is incredible. I no longer have knee or ankle pain when running and feel much more stable. They took a little while to get used to but I cannot imagine running without them now. Amazing product.

  • Mark B.

    Superb comfort and support
    The Enertor Insoles are superb, so comfortable, supportive and easy to slip into my racing flats or regular running trainers. The comfort and cushioning they offer is fantastic, both over short and long distances. I’ve suffered recently with ankle support issues, but these insoles really seem to have helped eliminate the problem. I would highly recommend investing in these.

  • Rob Morgan

    Try before you buy.
    Tried in one pair of trainers and felt my heels slipping. Tried with another pair and fit is good. Also love the support for my arches having had problems before with plantar fasciitis NHS issued kit was rubbish in trainers. I feel these would have been far better.

  • Anya B.

    Good support
    What I like about these is that they are less bulky than typical insoles. They don’t add much weight or require a ton of adjustment. I have been moving these around from shoe to shoe depending on the activity. They don’t work with my soccer cleats which is a bummer but I have run, cycled, and walked in these and they have been helping with foot fatigue. No change in the heel pain I have had for the last year but I have only used them for a few weeks so I am hopeful for the future.

  • Angela

    Comfortable insole
    I have been using Enertor insoles for two weeks. They fit very comfortable and snug in my trainer. My feet feel well supported. Would recommend .

  • Leanne

    Great buy
    Makes running easy, especially good for weak knees and ankles.

  • Charles W.

    wont fit in spikes, but great for training shoes
    These are too thick to fit in track spikes, but they feel great in my training flats and regular running shoes. They even brought back to life, some shoes that I thought were worn out.

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