Why curved treadmills are not just a sleek design


There has been some serious innovation happening in the world of treadmill development. While regular motorised treadmills have been gym staples for years, there are some new kids on the block that could challenge the way you train.

Curved treadmills have a concave shape, so the ends of the stepping area curve upwards. They don’t have motors. Instead they are powered by footfall only. This natural connection of a runner’s pace and the speed of the movement mimics road running conditions closely. Running closer to the forward arc can also increase speed. Some models have an additional resistance option on the control panel.

If you’ve ever switched from a predominantly road-based routine to a treadmill session, you will have noticed that the pace and effort required varies significantly. Because the curved treadmill is operated in a similar fashion to road running, there may be less transition required, but those used to regular treadmills will need to adjust their strides.

The curved treadmills ask much more of users than traditional motorised ones. Detailed studies have shown runners on curved treadmills need to work about 30% harder to maintain a similar pace. This could lend itself to shorter training sessions if runners are looking for cardio supplementation, or a more appropriate wet-weather training option to mimic outdoor sessions.

Curved treadmills offer a boon to runners training for races with hills. The gradient of the new models mimics a hill gradient of around 8% and promotes corresponding development of muscle groups traditionally worked during hill climbs. This gradient has another effect on runners, too. If you are used to training on a traditional treadmill, don’t worry if you notice an approximate 20% drop in pace speed. The difference in the mechanics will reduce your pace overall but will easily give you an equivalent work out when comparing effort, heart rate, and oxygen uptake.

Keep an eye out for curved treadmills at your local gym. While they may not completely replace traditional motorised treadmills, they will offer a challenging and novel alternative that should yield both variety and improved training results over time.

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    Great footbeds!
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    For Athletes
    These are a good quality, comfortable insole that gives really good support and cushioning. My only gripe is that it does make the shoe feel heavy, though this isn’t any different to the others I have tried.

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    The real deal!
    I have been using these insole for just over a month and the difference they have made is incredible. I no longer have knee or ankle pain when running and feel much more stable. They took a little while to get used to but I cannot imagine running without them now. Amazing product.

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    Very supportive
    With a high arch and instep I can often not feel supported with the usual innersoles that come in trainers. With these I get the support I need as well as benefiting from the additional shock absorption.

  • Ben L.

    Ben Lloyd
    After having some injury scares early season I felt that my insoles gave me the extra support that helped prevent injury so when the time came I was ready as ever. Now that I have won English schools and going to compete for England next week I can genuinely say the insole support I got was so helpful in training, and in races.

  • Jj J.

    Great product!
    Great product!

  • Kara M.

    Better than standard insoles
    I purchased new running shoes (Saucony) and I hate them. So I purchased these since I’ve been meaning to try a good pair of insoles and it seemed like a good time since they could possibly improve my new and uncomfortable running shoes. They have helped a lot, but I think I just need to give up on the fact that these shoes will work for me. I did get a new pair (Nike’s), which I’m hoping to try with my Enertor’s to give them a little more support and I have high hopes it will turn these new shoes into winners!

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