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How playing sports can help you get a good night’s sleep

Playing sports and putting time into a training schedule is sure to tire you out, but did you know you can tweak your activities and routines to help you get a better night’s rest? Intrigued? Read on…

When should I do my workouts?   

When you work out or complete a training session, your body releases endorphins and pushes up your adrenaline levels. These work against you when you’re trying to relax and get some sleep. It’s best to time your session for the morning or afternoon. If you don’t have a choice, at least try to give yourself 3 hours from the end of the workout before you head to bed.

Which sports are the best for helping me sleep? 

There are two types of sports to consider here. They are aerobic and anaerobic sports. Aerobic sports are also known as cardio workouts. These are sports and activities which elevate your heart rate, cause your breathing to change and your body to sweat. These responses have to last for 10 consecutive minutes to ‘count’ here. Aerobic sports include running, competitive ball sports or cycling. Anaerobic sports do not tend to increase your heart rate for longer periods, and typically are conducted in short bursts. These short and intense sports could include sprinting or lifting weights, for example.

Aerobic sports provide the best physical responses to promote good sleep. If you want to start seeing results and changes in your sleep patterns, you could try the following plan. Increase your aerobic exercises like running, faster walking or swimming up to 3-4 times a week. If you can make each session last at least 20 minutes (longer sessions see better results but 20 minutes will work), you should see a great improvement.

Are there calming alternatives? 

Yes there are. If you are restricted to working out at night, consider expanding your routine to include a relaxing activity like tai chi or yoga. They still provide a workout for your muscles but help to slow breathing and heart rate in preparation for rest. Finishing an intense routine with some of these techniques may help reduce the impacts of adrenaline released.

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