5 signs your plantar fasciitis is getting worse

A plantar fasciitis injury is one of the most annoying setbacks a runner can suffer. Remember that the plantar fascia runs from your heel bone to your toes, and creates the arches in your feet. When that connective tissue becomes inflamed at the heel, you’ve got plantar fasciitis. It can take a long time to heal, and sometimes feels like it gets worse before it gets better. But how do you know if it’s just plain getting worse?

1. The pain does not fade during the day

A hallmark of plantar fasciitis is that it gets worse in the morning. After a night of rest and healing, it hurts a lot to put pressure on the inflamed point. Typically, after some use the pain lessens. If it doesn’t ease up at all and stays very painful throughout the day, it’s probably getting worse.

2. The pain increases over time

What a nightmare! It’s understandable to expect a condition like plantar fasciitis to take some time to heal. However, the pain should slowly lessen over time. If it’s actually getting so bad that you can’t bear to put pressure on your heels, it’s definitely not getting better.

3. The pain begins to effect your feet in new places

Plantar fasciitis pain is usually contained to the heel. It may be getting worse if the pain starts to spread into the arches of your feet as well. It can effect one foot more than the other, or spread just a little or into the full arch. There’s no doubt this can be very painful.

4. Your knees start to hurt

If your feet are constantly painful to walk on, it’s likely that your gait will change as a result. As you try to avoid causing yourself more pain, you may start to put new pressure on your knees instead and this incorrect gait can cause your knees to ache by the end of the day.

5. Your hips and lower back start to hurt

If your gait is off, and your knees are out, then it’s likely that the dysfunction will refer upwards to your hips and lower back, too. If you don’t address the root of the problem (the plantar fasciitis) quickly, it can cause quite serious problems down the line.

If you're suffering from painful plantar fasciitis, here is our rehab advice.

Does walking make plantar fasciitis worse?

Anyone who has been recently diagnosed with plantar fasciitis should minimise time spent on their feet. However, after approximately one to two weeks you should be able to get back on your feet again.

Can I treat heel pain through walking?

Walking in small doses at this stage will actually help heal your plantar fasciitis. This provides the stretches necessary to increase flexibility and reduce pain. However, it is absolutely fundamental that anyone walking to help heal their plantar fasciitis, wears supportive insoles.

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How Enertor insoles can prevent plantar fasciitis from getting worse

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  • Bobbie

    I have be to physical therapy 2 a week and it helps a little bite the my right foot hurts so bad I can walk and my ankle feels like it going to break off and I walk on my side of my foot i tryed everything nothing to seem to help I have had the boot for 4 months.

  • Kim c

    My plantars faciatis is contained to one foot. I havent had much heel pain but it’s always in my arch. I have had the injections twice in my foot. I would have rather given birth again. This was horrible. I got very brief relief. I have Dansco shoes and my tennis shoes have orthotics in them and have worn orthotics prior to this developing. Ugh!

  • Abby

    I am always in a lot of pain, it is so bad and painful now, that my mobility has been badly affected, with me now using a walking stick to support myself when walking!
    It became worse in the last couple of years as well.
    I have also had a foot scan done, was told it had become very bad, this because it has now affected both my feet.
    So you can imagine the horrible pains i am in and enduring!

    I have done alot of excercise, still do but nothing is working.
    I now wear just trainers aswell with support feet pads given to me to put inside my shoes, but nothing works..

    My ankles are contabtly swollen as well, it is horrible! Can’t walk long distant, but short ones!
    Otherwise i am in big trouble with pain all day and night, if i walk long distance!

    Was recently referred to the Podiatrist again.
    I am currently awaiting two injections on both feet, it is going to be done withn a month of each other..
    But the foot doctor sxared the shit out of me regarding those injections as in whether it would be very effective on both my feet, because of it becoming worse!
    But i am in such pain and agony. This is also depressing and weighing me down, as i do not want to be wheel chair bound!

  • G Law

    I’ve been in terrible pain for 6 months now all day every day my heels in both feet have a burning sensation and my arches ache, so fed up with it as it is impacting my life – seeing a physio, having ultrasound, acupuncture and I’m now 3 days in with steroid injections and no change!

  • Elizabeth Pena

    I have had this pain for months and it’s getting worse

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