Running Ankle Sprain Injury: The Key facts


An ankle sprain is one of the most common running injuries and can happen to a runner of any level.

An ankle sprain injury happens when the ankle rolls outward or inwards and stretches the ankle ligament.

Running on uneven terrain such as a trail, on a road with curbs, potholes, branches and roots or even just suffering an unfortunate landing are just a few of the causes of an ankle sprain. The result is significant pain and swelling around the ankle area.



Aside from the pain and swelling there may be a few other signs and symptoms of a sprained ankle.

Bruising and discolouration can occur after a ankle sprain injury and your foot could look like a kaleidoscope of colours including yellow, purple and blue.

Your ankle and foot (in the areas that are not bruised) may be red and feel hot or warmer to touch. This is part of the natural healing process as the body increases blood flow to the area of injury to help recovery.



Possible causes  or at least contributing factors towards an ankle sprain apart from bad fortune and unstable ground include ill-fitting shoes or poor foot control,  calf tightness, reduced ankle movement and poor balance.

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The unfortunate facts are that if you’ve sprained your ankle before, then you are more likely to sprain it again. Ongoing symptoms may make you feel like your ankle is turning in when you run.

Swelling and pain around the ankle may also not fully disappear giving the feeling of a weak ankle. This can be fixed by retraining your ankle balance and stability.

After rest and once the pain and swelling has subsided you can start recovery, it is wise to consult a doctor on this.

Recovery may be a little difficult at first, but many experts suggest doing balance exercises to strengthen the muscles around the ankle.

In terms of starting up running again – expect to wait for between 2 – 12 weeks depending on the severity of the sprain.


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