A guide to the Zwift virtual running world


The virtual world is always expanding, and it now welcomes runners, in the form of the Zwift app. You may be familiar with Zwift if you are also a cyclist. This app has been helping stationary cyclists train for some time. It’s reaching out to runners now, and it’s making treadmill workouts a lot more social, accurate and interesting. Welcome to virtual running. 


The set-up process for the Zwift app is a little fussy but once you’ve connected a couple of input devices it’s smooth sailing. Download the app from your app store (Apple and Android available), and pair it with a foot pod and a heart rate monitor. Garmin fans can connect any ANT+ device, and BLE connected pods work, too. You’ll need that foot pod to send the app accurate stride information to eliminate the invariable discrepancy between treadmill distance and road. Once paired, be sure to calibrate the app using the 60 second test track.  


Because of Zwift’s cycling heritage, the virtual running tracks are actually cycle paths. You’ll see other cyclists and runners on the path, which adds a nice touch of realism (and a hint of competition if that’s what you’re looking for). There is a huge social element to this virtual running world. You can coordinate with friends to run together, or pair up with strangers on the same course. There’s even virtual running groups you can team up with.  


You can select the type of training session you want to run, which helps elevate this app from an observer-only app to a really interactive experience. Let it guide you through 400m repeats, tempo runs and speed work sessions.  


Overall, it’s a great app, but will need some finessing as feedback from the running community demonstrates how runners use the app differently from cyclists. It’s better used on a tablet than a phone, if only because the larger screen makes inputs easier when you’re mid-run. Keep an eye out for custom workouts in the future, too. Zwift is a virtual running experience that could prove interesting and useful for treadmill warriors and those looking for a more social running experience. 


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Whilst Enertor has over 18 years Orthotics experience, our blog content is provided for informational purposes only and it is not a substitute for your own doctor’s medical advice. Enertor advises anyone with an injury to seek their own medical advice – and do not make any health or medical related decisions based solely on information found on this site.

What people are saying about Enertor insoles?

  • Alex dean

    Alex d
    I have had issues with shin splints for months and these have helped in my day to day life haven’t used them for running yet as I had no time to train at the moment, well worth the money.

  • Derek W.

    A very comfortable insole
    I have had 2 rounds of golf in the last 7 days, the insoles have been excellent. I normally have sore heels and calves after one round, however using these insoles those pains are not there, even after 2 rounds

  • Zac T.

    My back no longer hurts
    Last year I suffered a herniated disk in my lower back, causing extreme nerve pain all the way down my left leg. I just got back into running this spring, and started with the insoles around the same time, and the pain has almost completely subsided. I can run further without pain than I’ve been able to since the injury. Definitely recommend these for comfort and support.

  • Helen

    Golf is better
    Golf is better because my legs dont get so tired, also my posture has improved and I feel more athletic with my swing.

  • Megan G.

    No more pain!
    These insoles have kept me injury free and have allowed me to be a faster runner. A year ago I had knee pain which kept me out of running for 6 weeks, my comeback was rough but since using these insoles I have had no issues. My feet never hurt and pain doesn’t radiate up to my knee. Couldn’t be happier with these insoles.

  • Andy Marshall

    Total Knee Replacement.
    Had a replacement knee July 15 and have started to get back into sporting action, playing Badminton and touch rugby. These insoles most definitely eased the pressure on both knees cushioning the impact to the point of being very comfortable. Great absorption qualities for an old sportsman like me.

  • marlon morais

    Very comfy
    Found these very comfy and cushioned but did slightly supinate my feet. On one leg this felt fine on other it took a bit of getting use to. I used these at the end of an Olympic triathlon where the 10k run was very tough and the comfort was noted. Only problem being with the thickness of the insole, when I ran without socks this lifted my heel up in shoe and gave me a blister where I can normally run in my triathlon trainers without socks. I’d only use these for longer triathlons where I would definitely be wearing socks.

  • Daniel H.

    Absolutley Amazing
    I’ve worn custom insoles in the past, and needed a new set recently. Trying the Enertor insoles was amazing – pain in the ankle, knees and hips disappeared after running long distances or lifting in the gym. Even issues with an injured toe subsided with the soles in place. Cannot recommend highly enough.

  • Mere R.

    Just what I needed!!!
    I started the year with terrible IT Band pain in my right leg. It was so bad that walking & even sitting became uncomfortable. I decided to try Enertor Insoles & noticed with the use of them the pain going away. I was back to running & even better – I was finally pain-free! These insoles are just what I needed! I am so thankful for Enertor!!!

  • Katherine

    I am really enjoying me Enertor Insoles. Recovering from injury, the impact on my body is much less with the cushioning and support, helping me on my route back to fitness.

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