The long haul marathon: Sydney


Participating in the Sydney Marathon is up there with Paris as a collector’s item on the international marathon circuit. Who wouldn’t want to lay claim to racing across the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge? Read on for more information about the 2018 Sydney Marathon.

The Sydney Marathon is run in September during the Southern Hemisphere Spring time. First run in 2001 as a legacy of the 2000 Olympic Games, the race continues to grow each year. If the full 42.2km doesn’t suit you, a half marathon or 10km run is also available. The events are part of the larger Sydney Running Festival, where over 30 000 people take part in races and the accompanying events. There’s plenty of local crowd support for runners and the overall atmosphere is festive.

The track itself is quite convoluted and winds competitors through many iconic areas of the city. The challenge is compounded by varied elevations throughout the course, with only the last 10km maintaining a relatively flat profile. Finishers will greet the iconic Opera House with relief. The marathon is run on public roads so there is a strict 6:00 cut off time for the race. Slower runners will be collected by a tail vehicle.

Support for runners is provided with hydration points (both water and electrolyte gels are available) and toilets along the way. There will be a strong presence of first aid responders should they be needed. Multiple pace setters are also on hand to keep competitors on pace at 15-minute intervals from a 3:00 finish.

Australia might seem far away, but non-stop flights from London to Perth have recently opened up, making the trip a relatively simple one. Be prepared to arrive a few days early to rest up and acclimatise. If you’ve ever needed an excuse to go ‘down under’, this may be it.

Registrations for the 2018 Sydney Marathon are open until race day, but early bird registrations are available until 31 July.

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