Common running muscle injuries


Our muscles are made of thousands of muscle fibers, and these fibers can suffer from various types of injuries that affect runners. Here we look at the main types of running muscle injuries and the main treatment decisions to consider.


Running Muscle Injury #1: Muscle Strain

A muscle strain occurs when the muscle tissue is stretched or torn whilst running.

It is possible that the muscle strain injury could also include the connecting tendon.

As with most injuries the severity of muscle strains can vary. Some muscle tears will require rest while others that are more serious tears may require surgery.

Elevating and using ice on the muscle strain can also help stop potential swelling after this type of running muscle injury.

This injury is also sometimes referred to as a pulled muscle.


Running Muscle Injury #2: Contusion

Contusions are caused by a direct blow to part of the body. This strike crushes the underlying muscle fibers and connective tissue without breaking the skin resulting in a bruise as blood pools at the impact site.

For runners this injury can be caused by a fall out on the road or trail  against a hard surface.

As with strains, the affected muscle should be allowed to rest, with Ice applied to the contusion, and  a bandage should be wrapped around the injury.


Running Muscle Injury #3: Cramp

A muscle cramp is a fairly common running muscle injury and occurs when a muscle forcibly contracts and will not relax. When your leg muscles cramp up dehydration is often to blame.

Cramps can occur in any muscle controlled by voluntary action and they can be very painful – lasting from several seconds to several minutes. The risk of cramp can be reduced by warming up and stretching before exercising and there are also ways to deal with cramp when it occurs by carrying out simple stretches that you can easily learn.


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