How to avoid the running curse of chafing


Chafing is a common, painful running injury. While it’s easily avoided in most cases, most runners have experienced it at least once. Chafing is caused by the friction of two surfaces rubbing together repeatedly. Most commonly it occurs between skin and fabric but can also happen with skin to skin contact. The irritated skin can become red and raw and may bleed, depending on the severity. Here’s some ideas to help avoid chafing for runners. 


Lower body tips 


Running in short shorts may give you plenty of room to move, but it also leaves plenty of skin to chafe. Try wearing longer, body hugging shorts to reduce friction. If you must have shorter shorts, try applying a lubricating cream to reduce friction. Chafing and blisters can happen on your feet. Investing in specialist running socks should help to draw sweat away from your heels and toes. 


Upper body tips 


Upper body chafing can happen in a number of places. For men, the nipples can be easily irritated on longer runs. Try applying lubricant cream or even roll-on deodorant to them before running. Some men apply Band-Aids to shield themselves. Underarms can become irritated (particularly after a recent shave) so apply plenty of cream deodorant. Women may like to apply lubricant to the shoulder straps and bottom seam of their sports bras. Finally, ensure your shirt is made from a moisture-wicking material. Cotton shirts do not dry quickly, and the additional moisture can encourage more chafing. 


Are you already in pain? 


If you’ve just realised that you’ve given yourself a chafing rash, we’re sorry to hear it! Try washing the area in cool clean water. Don’t use soap as you may irritate the skin further. Reduce any chance of more friction by wearing breathable clothing that won’t rub. Seek out nappy rash creams and ointments. Applying them should provide some relief. Try to let the irritation heal before heading out for another run. 


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    I often get blisters on my arches because running shoes try to cushion too much… These insoles were great because they lift your heel a bit higher, and the arch falls away a bit closer to the heel so there’s less rubbing. I’m only a beginner runner – training for a 5 mile run, but so far these have really helped to keep my energy up, reduce blisters and keep a spring in my step!

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    These insoles have really helped me. I had custom orthotics but they just don’t seem to be helping that much. The enertor insoles have helped the problem with my right knee greatly. For the first time in a long time my hips were aligned when I went to the chiropractor. I run about 60-80 miles a week and at age 61 you get a lot of aches and pains but the enertor insoles have helped reduce this. Great product. Just wondering as a gold vip member was I supposed to get a tech shirt?

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    Used these insoles in my walking boots training for the 3 peak challenge and feet feel comforted at every step with reduced impact and tiredness compared to the insoles that came with the boots. They offer increased stability and make the boots feel like they were made for me. I’ve also started wearing them daily in my work shoes and the difference is enormous. I will now buy a second pair. I highly recommend these insoles for sports activity or general use.

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    These make me run as fast as Usain!

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    I am not a runner but have my insoles in my leather hiking boots and they are fabulous. Comfortable, great for walking and running when I am out with my dog. Would recommend them.

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    I have really enjoyed my enertor soles! its made road running so much more enjoyable and bearable on my knees! make sure you get the right size and wear them in too as your body will feel weird the first few times to wear them. Brilliant product!

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