How much does it cost to be a runner over a lifetime?


Have you ever wondered what the cost of running might be over a lifetime? Running is often touted as a cheaper alternative to joining a gym, and that’s true. When you begin, you’ll likely search your wardrobe for a t-shirt, pair of shorts and your old sneakers. Of course, anyone who’s been bitten by the running bug will know that soon, the desire for quality running shoes and race entry fees begin to add up. The question is, how much does all of this add up to? How much does it cost to be a runner over a lifetime?


Running shoes should be replaced approximately every 500 miles, and you might like to grab a couple of new running outfits per year (winter and summer, perhaps?). These can be bought cheaply, or you could choose to invest larger amounts for performance gear. If you accessorise with smart watches, heart rate monitors, hydration belts or other tools, you’ll find the costs begin to tally quickly.

Race day

Race fees vary between distances, locations and levels of competition. How much you spend will be influenced by how many races you enter each year, too. Marathon fees average about $100, while 5Ks are often under $30. You may also need to factor in gels and supplements on the day, and unexpected costs, like parking, race expo finds or the irresistible urge to pick up a pizza after the race.


Did this cross your mind as something to include in the cost of running? Runners will find themselves modifying their diets to include healthier options that fuel their training runs. Runners also find that they increase the amounts of food that they eat to sustain the calorie loss through training. Supplements, vitamins and electrolyte water will all add up over the years. As with all things, this can be done very cheaply, or a higher-cost route can be chosen.

What is the overall cost of running?

If you assume a person runs for between 50-60 years, covers around 30 miles per week, enters a few races each year, the costs could vary between roughly $15 000 and $215 000. Those costs are very general of course, and take heart – spread out over a lifetime, the benefits far outweigh the financial cost.

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What people are saying about Enertor insoles?

  • Tanya P.

    Feel great!!
    Feel great!!

  • Vanessa Beresford

    8 out of 10 for Enertor
    8 out of 10 for Enertor. 4 years ago I had to stop teaching the exercise classes I have loved doing for years. I stepped out of bed and couldn’t walk because of the excruciating pain in the bottom of both feet. I had caught the dreaded plantar fasciitis. So started endless rounds of different therapies – physiotherapy, strapping, bespoke designed orthotics , acupuncture, shock therapy, massage, osteopath and of course the internet. I didn’t realize there were so many experts in the world of foot pain! I had my own Pilates business teaching the over 50s; Zumba and dance were included. All teaching had to stop because I couldn’t use my feet. Then I saw this fancy box of insoles talking about new technology, and a completely new material which reduces shockwaves through the foot, so decided to try them. After some effort trying to trim them to fit they seem to be doing the trick. No pain in the heels even after one whole day of wearing. I shall be recommending them to my clients.

  • thekevinrundle

    Back on the street – and loving it
    First run in these and I felt amazing. Had a spring in my step, and these soles gave me an added boost that will get me running again. Had a year off since my last marathon, with a knee injury. Fell out of love with running. Legs felt like lead. Put these in my shoes, knocked off a respectable 10k and have got the bug back. I’ve run 8 marathons in my time… clocked up thousands of training miles and have never been more excited about a new product… thought I’d left it all behind me, but that 9th and 10th marathon now look possible. Thanks

  • Katherine

    I am really enjoying me Enertor Insoles. Recovering from injury, the impact on my body is much less with the cushioning and support, helping me on my route back to fitness.

  • grace

    I’ve got mortons neuroma and the insoles are a great help when running very comfortable.

  • Charles W.

    wont fit in spikes, but great for training shoes
    These are too thick to fit in track spikes, but they feel great in my training flats and regular running shoes. They even brought back to life, some shoes that I thought were worn out.

  • Joe

    Great Insoles
    These make me run as fast as Usain!

  • marlon morais

    Very comfy
    Found these very comfy and cushioned but did slightly supinate my feet. On one leg this felt fine on other it took a bit of getting use to. I used these at the end of an Olympic triathlon where the 10k run was very tough and the comfort was noted. Only problem being with the thickness of the insole, when I ran without socks this lifted my heel up in shoe and gave me a blister where I can normally run in my triathlon trainers without socks. I’d only use these for longer triathlons where I would definitely be wearing socks.

  • Mere R.

    Just what I needed!!!
    I started the year with terrible IT Band pain in my right leg. It was so bad that walking & even sitting became uncomfortable. I decided to try Enertor Insoles & noticed with the use of them the pain going away. I was back to running & even better – I was finally pain-free! These insoles are just what I needed! I am so thankful for Enertor!!!

  • Allan

    Excellent for reducing knee pain
    I have arthritic knees which inhibits walking and standing activities. my Enertor innersoles help reduce the pain by reducing the impact and stabilising the foot plant.

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