Running your age in miles a good way to celebrate your birthday


While we’re not sure exactly where the idea originated, the idea of running your age in miles for your birthday sounds like a good one. That may sound impossible if you’re getting on in years and you’re not a seasoned ultra-runner, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t have a bit of fun with a birthday run. 


You might think it’s a game for the young but take heart. The age of the average ultra-runner is over 40, and competitors can be found in their 70s and 80s. Imagine finishing the Badwater Ultra of 135 miles at age 70 like Bob Becker. If you’re looking for something less daunting, think of Ed Whitlock, the late great masters marathoner, who broke the sub 4-hour time barrier at age 85. 


There are alternative ways to achieve your birthday run, of course. After all, it’s your run. If running something like 30 – 40  miles in one day isn’t your cup of tea, try running 1 mile for 30 or 40 days instead. Another idea is, say you turn 40, try running 40 times in a year instead no matter the distance.

Another twist on the idea lets you still enjoy a social gathering on your big day. Gather up some friends and run a combined total of birthday miles together (then head out for cake afterward).  


And perhaps a small reprieve for those who want to hit the numbers without quite as much effort – you can always measure distance in kilometres instead of miles. Thirty kilometres is only 18 miles which could be a slightly more achievable birthday run. 


A couple of gentle suggestions to make the idea of a birthday run a little easier. Naturally starting young will give you less miles with more energy, but hopefully it will also give you a great habit for the rest of your life. If you’re looking at a birthday run but you’re not an experienced runner, find a reliable training plan online to help you build strength for your big day. However you choose to do your birthday run, we wish you many happy returns. 


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What people are saying about Enertor insoles?

  • Anya B.

    Good support
    What I like about these is that they are less bulky than typical insoles. They don’t add much weight or require a ton of adjustment. I have been moving these around from shoe to shoe depending on the activity. They don’t work with my soccer cleats which is a bummer but I have run, cycled, and walked in these and they have been helping with foot fatigue. No change in the heel pain I have had for the last year but I have only used them for a few weeks so I am hopeful for the future.

  • Chris B.

    I got a pair of ENERTOR inserts to try and am more impressed than expected. I have flat feet and have had issues in the past with inserts being too rigid for my foot. These have been great and have been very supportive. I look forward to finishing this marathon training cycle and see how my legs feel afterwards.

  • Ibrahim

    The Enertor Performance Insoles are extremely comfortable. Though it felt odd at first, it does feel a lot more comfortable now. I wear it everywhere now.

  • Kelsey Sisson

    This product is incredible, make it so much easier to run long distance, which is awesome. Very happy and would recommend.

  • Tyrel D.

    Good insoles, but bad for wide toed shoes
    Though I could feel an improvement overall, I can tell they are not made for wide-toed shoes, like the Altras I run in. I’m sure they work great with traditional shoes, and look forward to using them in my next pair.

  • Nathan C.

    Insoles put pep in your step.
    I have never run with any type of insert in my shoes, but that being said I did feel like these made a difference. The pair of shoes I used them in had quite a few miles on them, but I can safely say that the inserts made the shoes feel springier, peppier, and overall “newer” feeling. They still feel this way after several weeks of use and I’m looking forward to being able to try them out on a timed run. Overall, with my limited experience I would still recommend them to someone who is looking to experiment with adding an insert into their existing running shoes.

  • Maureen S.

    What can I say, a wonderful invention. I have problems with my right foot in laced shoes so was a little dubious about trying the insoles. They are so comfortable to wear and give quite a lot of support. I would definitely recommend them. My mum also has a condition called foot drop and she has also got a pair and thinks they’re amazing, she now feels more confident about walking for longer periods as the insole gives her foot much need support.

  • David M.

    These insoles are excellent. I am able to run longer without any discomfort.

  • Kristen

    Fantastic for those who won’t settle
    Bought these for my husband who won’t let life slow him down, even after rupturing his Achilles tendon a little while back. There’s always another race to run, a better time to achieve and a more difficult course to tackle. These are amazing for those who refuse to settle #breakyourlimits

  • grace

    I’ve got mortons neuroma and the insoles are a great help when running very comfortable.

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