5 best all round running shoes for 2018


Are you looking to pick up some new 2018 running shoes? We’ve pulled together our 5 top picks that will carry you across any distance. Try a 5K, master a marathon or switch up trails on the weekends – these shoes have you covered. 


Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 


A new update for Nike’s workhorse Pegasus model, these shoes are perfect all-rounders for the new year. You’ll find a very stable and supportive fit, and they’re just 285g each, making them a lighter option. The Nike Air Zoom technology will help carry you through the fatigue at the end of training runs. 


Asics Gel Kayano 24 


These are the perfect 2018 running shoes for over pronators and those looking for a very stable run. Memory foam helps keep the feet in the right place and accompanies the firmly structured upper panels. For long distance comfort the midsole has additional tech designed to keep your feet falling accurately. 


INOV-8 Parkclaw 275 


If you’d like to experiment with trail running but prefer to spend most of your time on-road, this offering from INOV-8 may just do the trick. This 2018 running shoe has 4mm lugs, providing plenty of grip but no interference. You’ll find plenty of shock-absorption tech in the heel and midsole, too. 


New Balance Vazee Pace V2 


These are reliable shoes that will see you cover marathon training miles in comfort. If you’re looking to run shorter distances than you’re sure to find the cushioning and midsole support excellent. It’s a light shoe, so make sure you’ve got correct technique. Supplement these with orthotic insole support to get the best from the thinner soles. 


Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% 


When winners of the New York, Boston and Berlin marathons say this is their favourite shoe, we listen. These shoes are phenomenal, and the price does reflect that. If you can get your hands on a pair, be prepared for magnificent technology that will give you an average of 4% increase in running economy. A 2018 running shoe that will help bring you new PBs? Yes please. 


About Enertor Advanced Technology Insoles –  Enertor insoles are designed to prevent a number of common running injuries and provide more comfort. Designed by leading podiatrists to reduce your risk of injury,  the unique design features support your foot throughout training.  Enertor insoles are enhanced by D3O impact protection technology, which means they can provide more shock absorption than any other insole.  Our expertise, combined with the patented D3O shock absorption technology, enables Enertor to deliver the most advanced injury prevention insoles on the market today.

Enertor insoles are available to buy from our online shop

Whilst Enertor has over 18 years Orthotics experience, our blog content is provided for informational purposes only and it is not a substitute for your own doctor’s medical advice. Enertor advises anyone with an injury to seek their own medical advice – and do not make any health or medical related decisions based solely on information found on this site.

What people are saying about Enertor insoles?

  • Charles W.

    wont fit in spikes, but great for training shoes
    These are too thick to fit in track spikes, but they feel great in my training flats and regular running shoes. They even brought back to life, some shoes that I thought were worn out.

  • Annette D.

    Great replacement for my insoles
    I replaced my current insoles with Enertor and can feel a real difference in my running this week. I feel more supported, a bit more springy, and legs are less tired after the run. I really like them and feel that my performance has a better chance of improving. Thanks for bringing out such a great product!

  • Allan

    Excellent for reducing knee pain
    I have arthritic knees which inhibits walking and standing activities. my Enertor innersoles help reduce the pain by reducing the impact and stabilising the foot plant.

  • Jody L.

    great for cushioning, but they hurt my feet
    I really like the cushioning and bounce of these insoles, however, the way they are contoured, they make my feet sore on the outside of my foot, opposite the arch. The pain goes away after two or three miles so maybe my feet just need some time to adjust to them or maybe I need to try them in some different shoes. I’ve only had them a couple of weeks.

  • Avinash S.

    Huge positive difference vs. Superfeet. Energy transfer lasts the whole day / workout.

  • Nick W.

    I’ve never bought specialist insoles before but have been really impressed with these. Very comfortable to wear and because of the support on the heel and middle of the foot, it pushes me to run on the front of my feet. Consequently my Moov app shows I’m making less ‘impact’ when I run, which can only be good for my knees! Would recommend!

  • Jessica S.

    Amazing difference
    I have been using these insoles to train and race in and they make a remarkable difference I can feel the extra support given by them to my heal and my arch. As a young runner I have had issues with the pressure on my feet becoming painful and by using these insoles it has helped tremendously and I have been running faster times. I would definitely recommend these.

  • Ruth Cullen

    Ruth C
    Excellent insole for field hockey shoes. Really helping my shin splints.

  • Katherine

    I am really enjoying me Enertor Insoles. Recovering from injury, the impact on my body is much less with the cushioning and support, helping me on my route back to fitness.

  • Megan G.

    No more pain!
    These insoles have kept me injury free and have allowed me to be a faster runner. A year ago I had knee pain which kept me out of running for 6 weeks, my comeback was rough but since using these insoles I have had no issues. My feet never hurt and pain doesn’t radiate up to my knee. Couldn’t be happier with these insoles.

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